Organised By:  Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Delivered By: Mr. Milind Agarwal (President of Cyber Crime Awareness Society)

Contact: +91 9461101915             Facebook:            Email:

Topics Covered by Mr. Milind Agarwal:

- Broken Window Theory

- Why learn about Cyber Crime

- What is cybercrime?

- Profile of Cyber Criminals

- Types of Cyber Crime

- 1.Hacking

- Cases Related to Hacking

- Thinks to Know about Google

- USB batch file less than 100kb can be of hacking

- Google Location Crimes (current, past), Browsing/YouTube History, Stored Passwords

- Pornography (Spy Camera, Spyware/Trojans, Video chats)

- Credit Card Fraud (Credit Card Skimmer)

- Methods of ATM Card Fraud

                - Can you spot the crime? (Video)

- True Caller (name Changing)

- Phishing (fake id )

- Spoofing (country code Change) Wrong Number

- Cyber Defamation, we can write about anyone but  Lady or under 18 age on Internet (Screen Recorder)

- Threatening

- Nigerian 419 Scam / Lottery Fraud (Email, Mobile phones, Fax.)

- Ecommerce or Online Shopping Frauds

What we have learned?



                .Credit Card Fraud

                .ATM Frauds

                .Social Networking (hide Friend List, email, mobile, relationship status)

Engineering Fields

                - For Non-Coders

                                Network security,

                                Cyber Crime Investigation

                - For Coders

                                Web Security (owasp Website to Learn)

                                Wireless Security

                                Mobile App Security

                                Virus and Malware Analysis