Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Campus (IEDC)

NISP Policy

Rajasthan Startup Policy

IIC Certificate


  • To guide the Ideation, Innovation and Incubation, the IEDC will provide the most enabling  ecosystem to support and nurture empower and support start-ups to become successful, bring employment, prosperity and economic growth in the region.


  • To inspires, facilitates and supports to the students, alumni, University staff members and local community members with expertise.
  • To know-how, guiding and initial (seed) funding on their way to setting-up and manage their own successful sustainable company.
  • To support will deliver in a physical and virtual manner by a team of well-trained, educated and professional staff with understanding of the local and regional market.
  • To strengthen the start-up culture in the State by fostering greater social acceptance and recognition of promising start-ups, through various programs.
  • To act as an institutional mechanism for providing various services including information on all aspects of enterprise building to budding entrepreneurs.
  • To create Entrepreneurial culture and inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship through student projects.
  • To respond effectively to the emerging challenges and opportunities.
  • To extend necessary guidance to the students for preparing project reports, obtaining project approvals, loans and facilities from agencies of support systems.
  • To organize entrepreneurship Awareness Camps, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.
  • To conduct skill development training programmes leading to self/wage employment.
  • To conduct programmes related to women and weaker sections of the society.
  • Generating awareness through industrial visits and panel discussions.
  • Developing attitudes through motivational talks and expert talks.
  • Developing competencies through workshops of technology development, idea generation, case study etc.