Prof. Dr. R.K. Khandal

President/ Vice- Chancellor

Dr. K. N. Modi University-Rajasthan

Former President, R&D and Business Development, India Glycols Limited Former Vice-Chancellor, UP Technical University, Lucknow Former Director, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi

Summary of Contributions: 

Prof. Dr. R.K. Khandal, born on Sept 6, 1957, started his career as a Lecturer in Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. Known as a renowned scientist, innovator and academician, he designed several processes and products of global standards, with novel and green chemistry having minimum carbon footprint and high degree of sustainability. As a Group leader in a UNDP Project of Govt. of India, he worked at ICI Research Centre, U.K. where he acquired skills of designing specialty Chemicals. As an invited Guest Scientist by Govt. of France, he conducted advanced research at CNRA, France on protection of horticultural products, using renewable chemicals.

As a manager, specialty chemicals in ICI, India, Prof. Khandal established manufacturing facilities for EO/PO block co-polymers for various applications for the first time in India. In 1993, he joined India Glycols Limited (IGL). During his tenure of eight years, he created an R&D Centre of International standards. His contribution was vital in transforming India Glycols Ltd. into a multi-product company, which was set-up to produce just three products (Two of which were by-products) from renewable resources. He not only trained and mentored young scientists for designing new products but also taught them the art of scaling-up of processes. In just 8 years, he designed hundreds of products mostly from renewable resources and established them in the market catering to 14 industry sectors.

In the year 2001, Prof. Khandal took over as Director, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, India. Here, he continued his research on renewable chemicals. He
transformed Shriram Institute into an Industrial Research Centre from being known as a Test House earlier. His research on renewable chemicals such as Polysaccharides (Guar, Tamarind, Acacia derivatives) is acknowledged by global industry leaders. Metal containing polymers, biodiesel, biodegradable plastics, engineered fuel from plastic wastes etc. are notable research that fetched him International Patents.

In 2012, he took over as a Vice Chancellor of UP Technical University in Lucknow. He transformed the University into a Centre-of-Excellence for outcome-based education. He brought the University on its growth path, both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

In 2015, he rejoined IGL as President R&D and Business Development. During this tenure, ending on March 31, 2023, he accomplished the following notable tasks:

a) Converting commodity products into specialty with extra ordinary performance

b) Designing and establishing novel products at customer’s end fetching high value.

c) Collaborative R&D for Innovations involving multi-national companies.

d) Designing and Launching of C-Smart Surfactants and Glycols.

e) Facilitating JV of IGL with Clariant for Bio-Surfactants from renewable resource.

f) Establishing new R&D set up for IGL

Prof. Khandal has the expertise of conceptualizing and implementation of projects that are based on renewable resources. He has vast and 360° knowledge of renewable chemicals; designing as per customer needs, scaling-up, production, servicing the customer based on product differentiation, capturing the market and ensuring continuous improvement in product and process. He is an R&D Specialist with application knowledge as well as process technology expertise.

Growth Path:

· 1982-1985: Lecturer in Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.

· 1985-91: Group leader in a UNIDO project of Govt. of India. During this period did Post-Doctoral Research for about 1 year in England and 2 years in France.

· 1991-93: Manager, ICI Specialty chemicals, Mumbai.

· 1993-01: General Manager, India Glycols Limited, Kashipur.

· 2001-12: Director, Shriram Institute for Industrial Research, Delhi.

· 2012-15: Vice Chancellor, Uttar Pradesh Technical University, Lucknow.

· 2015-2023: President, R&D and Business Dev., India Glycols Limited.


a. A fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, London

b. Unanimously elected President of WAITRO (World Association of Industrial & Tech. Organizations), a UN body for two terms: 2010-2012 and 2012-2014

c. Expert member of High-level Committees of Govt. of India:

i. Ministry of Sci. and Tech iii. Ministry of Child and Women Welfare

ii. Ministry of Food Processing iv. Recruitment and Appraisal of CSIR, DRDO

d. Member Planning Board G.G.S.I.P. University, Delhi

Research and Technology: 

a. Guided 33 PhDs, from 10 Universities.

b. 15 International Patents awarded.

c. 150 research papers in peer reviewed journals,

d. Five books written and two books edited.

As a President R&D and Business Development, he developed and established several specialty chemicals in the local as well as global market. He has become known for designing surfactants, derived from C-Smart (Purple) alcohol.

As a Vice-Chancellor, he transformed the largest Technical University of India into an outcome-based Innovation University, through global level Industry-Academia linkages.

As a director of an internationally reputed research institute of its kind (self-sustainable) in the world for over eleven years. During this period he became known as an industrial researcher, designing products, processes and technologies for various industries: Food Processing, Food Safety Management, Radiation Processing Technology, Surfactants, Green Chemistry, Renewable Chemicals, Food Packaging, Green Buildings, Nano-Technology, Plant protection Chemicals, Optical Plastics, Polymers, Environment Protection Methodologies, Metal-containing polymers, Fluoro-Polymers, Natural Polymers, Validation of Products and Processes, Waste Management Technologies etc.

He has received several awards; prestigious ones include:

a) INSME (International award for Innovation).

b) R.N. Bangur Memorial award for novel technologies.

c) R.G. Deshpande award for popularizing Radiation Processing Technology.

d) U.P. Ratna Award, 2014 for Transforming Technical Education in U.P.

e) Rajasthan Samman Award, 2015 from Rajasthan Associations.

f) Meri Dilli award, 2010 for improving the living standards of citizens of Delhi.

g) Srishti awards for Green Technologies, Waste Management etc.

h) Amity Academic Excellence award for pioneering research and academics.

i) AMAR UJALA Excellence Award for outstanding contribution to education.

j) Life time achievement award by World Environment Congress in food preservation, safety, environment protection and renewable energy.

k) Eminent Engineers Award by Institutions of Engineers, India.

l) Academic Excellence Award from Engineering Watch, India, in Singapore. m) FICCI Innovation award in Chemicals & Petrochemicals.

n) Guru Vashisth Award by Shri Narayan Sanskritik Chetna Nyas.

Prof. Khandal is a person of eminence with unique expertise and capabilities; a rare profile covering 360° research and innovation cycle. He had a versatile career as an Academician, an Industrial Researcher (in Govt. and Pvt. Organizations) and as an Administrator managing Institutions, making them self-sustainable. He knows how to convert challenges into opportunities. He not only professes the values of Indian culture but he himself practices the fundamental principles of humanity and society, while dedicating himself to the cause of quality education and meaningful science and research.