Dear Students,

First of all I whole heartedly welcome all of you to this prestigious University in Rajasthan.

The First school of thought regarding University Education is the cultivation of the mind, skills, habits, ideas, capabilities and potentials for a better life.

Again the scope of University Education is to open the mind, correct it, to refine it, to enable it, to know and digest, master, rule and use its knowledge to give the power to faculties, application, flexibility method, critical exactness, sagacity, resource, address, eloquent expression, an object as intelligible-as the cultivation of virtue, while, at the same time, It is absolutely distinct from it.

We at Dr. K.N. Modi University, Rajasthan are really committed to attaining the above.

I believe all of you will really get enriched and benefitted during your stay at this well-equipped campus.

We extend our best wishes and look forward to your success.

Yours Sincerely,