The Provost


I am delighted to be a part of Dr. K. N. Modi University (DKNMU) as the Provost during this significant phase in its illustrious history, where the institution has gained global recognition. I extend a warm welcome to students from all around the world who are joining our university for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Under the visionary leadership of our esteemed Chairman, Prof. (Dr.) D. K. Modi, the university has flourished and set forth on a dynamic path of development. His strategic agenda has paved the way for the achievement of ambitious goals. The Road map initiatives encompass comprehensive efforts that will positively impact every facet of the university.

Taking into consideration the university's current status and strategic planning process, my vision will focus on three key areas: research, academic planning and implementation, and talent management. In order to keep pace with emerging trends and the rapidly evolving higher education landscape, we will incorporate active and experiential learning into our courses while harnessing the power of technology in the classroom. Our mission is to equip students with the skills and mindset of lifelong learners. The dedication of our faculty and staff to holistic personality development and the future success of our students is evident in the quality of teaching, thoughtful advising, and mentorship.

DKNMU provides an ideal learning environment through its innovative curriculum design and teaching methodologies. We are committed to delivering quality education with world-class technology and a student-centered approach. Learning through association and interaction will be the hallmark of our university. The classroom, viewed as a laboratory of ideas, encourages the exchange of knowledge among students. Our well-established library serves as a platform for learning. Our aim is to nurture students who are intellectually, creatively, emotionally, and socially prepared to utilize their knowledge for the betterment of society.

The university offers a safe and peaceful environment conducive to learning, with the active support of students, faculty, administrative staff, and the university authorities.

I am confident that DKNMU will continue to achieve new heights of excellence both nationally and internationally, attracting students from all corners of the world.

It is my pleasure to extend an invitation for you to join our esteemed university and become a part of our academic community. I eagerly look forward to connecting with you to address any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have.