Teaching Methodology

A Teaching methodology mainly focuses on ways adopted by teachers to enable students better and enthusiastic learning. The teaching methodology is of two types- student oriented and teacher-oriented. Dr. K.N.Modi University aims to impart quality education to students by adopting various strategies like classroom teaching, career counseling, personality development 

  • Clarity
  • Identify slow learning students & Focus
  • Identify good students & focus
  •  More interactive way
  • A lot of examples
  •  Offer easy method of remembering subject
  • Usage of smart systems / LCD for better impact
  • Go round the class and give concentration to all students
  • Go to class ONLY with proper preparation
  • Simple language usage
  • Computational work, one model, and 4 similar homework
  •  Weekly assignments
  • University pattern Questions
  • Mock test in class
  • Give assignments to reference books in the Library
  • Give assignments to use the computer for internet browsing
  • Weekly correct assignments and return
  • End of the semester, select the best assignment work and ask students to use it as notes
  •  Model test benchmark
  • Take daily feedback from students and correct teachers' ability
  •  Finally, prototype drilling the students
  • The class Chairperson has to conduct a Class committee meeting monthly once