Students Club

Dr Kedar Nath Modi Foundation, the promoting body of Dr K.N.Modi University, has always believed in the overall growth of students as the prime motive of imparting education. University offers a number of extracurricular facilities to its students to learn, enjoy, perform, compete and use their time, available other than their study hours, fruitfully. For this University has incorporated a few clubs for the Students & Faculty. They enjoy being a part of these clubs.


Activities are an integral part of student life. Be it something related to Sports, Theatre, Fine Arts, Photography, Music, Dance or CSR Activities. At DKNMU we encourage students be part of at least two such Activity Clubs. This helps them to learn basic skills of what the club is offering. If interested they can carry on with the activity & later on in life adapt the same as a hobby or at times it can also be a lifetime achievement for them. These Clubs help in a holistic development of Students. The following Clubs are active in The University.

-Entrepreneurship Club
- Robotics Club
-Marketing Club
- BAT Club
- Social Responsibility Club
Eco Club & Cultural Club
- Literary Club
- Art & Photography Club
- Social & Recreational Club
- Cultural Club
- Sports Club
- Entrepreneurship Development
- Finance Club
- HR Club
- Toaster Club

-Paropkaram Club