General Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations

Performance and Conduct

1.         Students are to be punctual and regular for lecture classes and submit assignments, records, homework etc., in time.

2.         Students are to maintain strict silence in the classes and labs and must not wander about.

3.         Students are encouraged to maintain good academic progress and good conduct. Students are expected to develop the habit of wishing inmates, faculty and elders.

4.         Students are to equip themselves with approved drawing materials, instrument boxes and record notebooks as required.

5.         Ragging in any form is illegal and is strictly forbidden. Severe action will be taken against those who indulge in ragging, strike or any such undesirable activities. There is a grievance redressal mechanism and issues are to be thus sorted out.

6.         Students are required to wear their Identity Cards (easily noticeable) whenever they are in the university campus and also when they travel using the university transport. Not wearing the identity card will be considered an act of indiscipline.

7.         Lab equipments should be handled carefully as per laid down instructions and generally with precaution. Students will have to pay for the breakages, if any.

8.         Students are advised to know the location of main Switch of Labs concerned as a safety measure.

9.         Safety Norms are to be adopted in day to day working.

10.       Any malfunctioning and damage of equipments must be informed to lab instructors.

11.       Prior permission is required from lab-in-charge for doing experiments / project work in extra lab hours.

12.       Students should not miss theory classes and are not to go to Labs or to bank or for any other work during Lecture hours.

13.       Students are expected to submit the records in respect of a particular experiment during the next laboratory class.

14.       The observation notebooks should be ready before the commencement of any experiment. Students should get the readings / calculations approved by the end of the lab session.

15.       Male students are to wear trousers and tucked-in-shirts with collar. T-shirts and Jeans are not permitted. Female students are expected to wear Sarees or Salwar Kameeze or Churidars with duppattas neatly pinned. Hal sarees, skirts, jeans, frocks or any other indecent tight fitting dresses are not permitted. No loose garments are permitted in the workshop / laboratories. Footwear used should be securely strapped at the heel. All students are to wear leather shoes in the workshops and also overcoats as needed. Wearing Hawai Slippers is prohibited from the point of view of safety and decency.

16.       A candidate will be permitted to appear for the university examinations, only if he / she

i)          Puts in the required attendance

ii)         Maintains satisfactory academic progress and

iii)         Maintains good conduct / character.

17.       Attendance in tests and model examinations is compulsory. Leave will be granted in exceptional cases for valid reasons like hospitalization.

18.       Attendance and leave

The attendance rules are given below and will be strictly followed.

i)          Below 74% : Not permitted to appear for University Examinations.

ii)         75 % and above : Allowed to appear for University examinations.

19.       Leave letters should be counter signed by parents / guardians / hostel warden.

Leave letters on medical grounds should be accompanied by Medical Certificate.

i)          Generally prior permission should be obtained before availing leave.

ii)         Whenever prior permission could not be obtained, the leave letter should be submitted within 2 days after reporting to the university or within 4 days from the commencement of leave whichever is earlier.

iii)         A students absent for one period shall be treated as absent for the complete session (Forenoon or Afternoon during that day).

iv)        If a student, identified to attend special class, (in the evening) is absent, he/she loses attendance for the whole day.

20.       First week of the semester

All the students should be present on the reopening day or otherwise he/she loses attendance for 2 days.

The list of absentees during the first week should be submitted in the following week by the department to the office.

21.       During the Semester (after the First week)

Two days of absence with leave letter will be permitted in a calendar month.  The list on absence for the previous month will be sent to the office on or before 5th of every month.

22.       Leave on medical grounds:

Attendance should not fall below 75% for the semester for reasons other than medical grounds. Medical leave will be accepted only in genuine cases with a proper medical certificate from a Doctor submitted immediately after the leave. However, even in medical leave case, the attendance shall not fall below 65% which is minimum for attending University examinations. If attendance falls below 65% even with Medical Leave, students are not permitted to appear the University Examination and they have to repeat the Semester course.

23.       Academic Progress

50% or more marks in each subject will be considered as satisfactory performance in class tests and model examinations.

24.       Internal Assessment Marks:

Internal Assessment of Marks has been introduced by the University. This will be calculated based on the marks scored in the tests / assignments / class - works.

25.       If the students have not completed the assignment (subject wise), attendance will not be given till they submit the assignment.

26.       The cases of students who have poor academic performance or inadequate attendance will be reviewed at staff council meeting every week/month. In case of default, counseling will be done. After second default, they will not be recommended for campus placement / given letter of recommendations for higher studies.

27.       Cell-Phones or Pagers are not allowed in university premises.

Failure to adhere to this instruction will lead to disciplinary action.

28.       Those who join hostels are to abide by Rules / Regulations of the Hostel.

29.       Students are advised to participate in in-house / outside conferences and seminars and present technical papers with the guidance and prior permission of HOD / Principal / Dean.

30.       Students are encouraged to participate in extra curricular activities with prior permission of appropriate authorities.

31.       Students should give Photo Copies of certificates / hand over trophies to HOD / Staff in-charge of activities.

32.       The HOD / Staff in-charge will arrange to get details of prizes entered in data bank of students.

33.       There are staff counselors for every twenty students. Students are being counseled periodically regarding Academic Performance, Higher Studies, Placement, Attendance, Discipline etc.,

34.       Students are advised to give their suggestions and feedback regarding their difficulties either directly to the class in-charge / HOD / Principal or through the suggestion box which is provided at the entrance of the Main block.

35.       Loss / Theft of ID Cards / Library Cards and change of Address or contact Telephone Numbers should be informed to HOD/ university office without delay.

36.       Students are advised to:

Park Vehicles in specified Areas; Wear Helmets while riding two wheelers; Observe speed limits while riding / driving within the campus.

Maintain general hygiene while in canteens and throw away wastes only in Dustbins; Observe timings for going to canteens. During university hours, students must not visit canteens.