Mr. Kulpreet Yadav (The Amazon Best seller Author)

Dr. K. N. Modi University’s Debater’s society, organizes several events at intra-college level since its inception. This time it was the first to have an author in the house to share thoughts and discuss about the author's books. So for this "Meet the Author" Program Mr. Kulpreet Yadav (The Amazon Best Seller Author) was invited to share his experiences with the budding students of Dr. K.N. Modi University.

Kulpreet Yadav received his Bachelor’s degree in Science from Nowrosjee Wadia College, Pune and spend 20 splendid years in Indian Navy. He joined the Naval Officer’s Academy at Goa soon after and undertook many afloat and ashore appointments as a Coast Guard officer. To write full-time Kulpreet quit his cushy job in the scale of a Director to the Government of India on 1st Jan 2014. Red Ink Literary Agency, New Delhi, is representing Kulpreet Yadav  Andy Karan series of thrillers. Catching the Departed, (2014)being the first in the series which was followed by The Girl who loved a Pirate (2015) which became the Amazon Best Seller in 2015.  Kulpreet Yadav’s first novel was published in 2006 (The Bet 'A Waiting Wave' was published in 2011. Kulpreet’s first collection of short stories was published in 2013 titled ‘India Unlimited – Stories from a Nation Caught between Hype and Hope’. One of the short fiction pieces, included in this collection, won a Special Commendation in 'The Best Short Writing in the World' by Fleeting Books, UK, in 2011. In 2011, Kulpreet founded a literary journal called Open Road Review. Conceived to publish the best in short fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry and artwork on a quarterly basis, the literary magazine has two more editors: Shanti Perez from Spokane, WA (USA) for fiction, and Pooja Garg Singh from Atlanta, Georgia (USA). It has published over 130 writers from 20 Nationalities in its 12 issues so far. Kulpreet interests include travelling and photography.

Kulpreet Yadav arrived at the Dr. K.N. Modi University campus on January 27, 2016. He was welcomed by the members of the Debater’s society. On January 28, 2016 The session took place in the auditorium of the college, and forty seven books were placed to be sold on a counter outside the auditorium which was sold within 30 minutes. Just like any other Army Officer Kulpreet Yadav was at the auditorium right on time. The session commenced at 10:30 am. In the beginning Kulpreet Yadav received a warm welcome followed by Tilak, which was also followed by the lightening of the lamp where authorities like Prof. R.P. Yadav, Dean (MBA and Law), Mr. O.P. Gupta, Registrar and Prof. Manvijay Singh, Proctor accompanied him. The auditorium was filled with interested minds comprising of both teachers and students. The anchor began with the detailed introduction of the author Kulpreet Yadav. Then Mr. Saikat Banerjee, the Convener of the Debater’s society and the program shared few experiences which had with the author, which was simply reflecting that how much happy he was to have the session. He also shared that the books which are placed at the counter, the MRP of which was Rs 250/- and Rs 290/- respectively but Mr Kulpreet Yadav was giving special student discount at Rs 99/- only which was really sweet of him. Then it was time for the event to take place, which began with his felicitation after which he was invited to deliver his motivational talk where he shared his most wonderful experiences of his life. The time he spent in college, in his navy training camp, about he being an author, the time he spent in his village, etc. He talked about what it needs to become a writer; he shared his own experience about hours he spent in reading

Then after his motivational speech it was time to discuss his latest book, The Girl Who Loved The Pirate (2015) where Saikat Banerjee, Convenor of the programme was in conversation with Kulpreet Yadav. The author shared his experiences about writing the book, about the main protagonist ''Andy Karan''. He also answered few questions asked by Saikat Banerjee, such as; What it needs to be a good writer?, where the author spontaneously said that it requires three steps which are read, read, read and then start writing. He also talked about a wonderful tip to check that what reading changes in us. he told us, once go back after the session, write about ourselves on a piece of a paper and then keep it inside the spend the whole the year reading books at least twelve for an year, then at the end of the year take out that paper and flip it, and write again, and the compare, one can have the change right away. This was followed by an another question, that what was his thought process during the time when he was writing his first book The Bet? To which he replied that once he was at the Howrah Railway Station waiting and was thinking over about a story, a thriller story which he started penning down right at the Railway station.  He later showed to his wife, and she was amazed with what he had written, and then after a process he published that book, but unfortunately that book didn’t work out the way he thought, he faced criticism. But he took all that in a very positive sense, and worked harder and harder and became what he is, ‘one of the best seller authors’ in India.

There were numerous questions coming from every corner of the auditorium. He answered many, like he said, he do idolize every single person who do his/her work seriously. The most important thing to write anything, firstly one should be a great reader. He explained the difference between a popular novel and a literary novel. He also said that one's birth doesn't decide his/her future, as future is created by oneself. He also answered a question that why his protagonist drinks that much, so he answered that its globalized world we all share our culture and other stuff, there is nothing bad in drinks but one has to be responsible with it. When asked about his upcoming novel "The Girl Who Loved The Millionaire'', he said its story about girl who loved a millionaire guy.

The session was great, and Kulpreet Yadav is very inspiring and an amazing story teller. He shared most fantasying experiences and took the audience on a wonderful ride which was reflected on the time taken for the books to be sold. The students were over whelmed and happy with the persona Kulpreet have got. He was simply inspiring, entertaining, and we all wish that all his future shall have the same success. And we all are really thankful to him for his visit and the for such a wonderful session.