Ms. Taruna Kanwar

Ms. Taruna Kanwar

Designation Assistant Professor
Faculty Type Regular


Experience: 1 Year

Assistant Professor

Project Details

Company Dashboard

This project is all about the life of an employee in his organisation.This project maintenance employees

HR policies, Leave policies, Admin Functions with security, his record after leaving the organization.

Client app in save client details

Employee Detail app creates in employee detail and email confirmations send.

Project detail app create in all project details and project milestones create all projects Tasks app in employee to task assign start date and end date save

Email Templates in action and option create Email Action create

Login user app

We use these technologies in this project - 1.HTML, CSS, JavaScript, python dejango use for design.

2. jQuery, angular , Bootstrap4. 3. JSP for server side validation.

4. Glass fish 4.1 and Apache Tomcat for server use.

5. My SQL 5.0 for database connectivity.

6. Net beans IDE 7.0 7.pycharm 3.7.1

Role: coder and designer


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript,jquery,ajax
  • Servlet , JSP, Python ,Django,
  • My SQL


  • Winner of Quiz of Social work.
  • Caption of badminton team