B.voc course in Rajasthan

The B.Voc is a three-year course, precisely an undergraduate course. The students can choose the relevant fields that they might be interested in. These include food technology, health care, wellness, graphic designing, animation, retail management, etc. You can take up a B.Voc course in Rajasthan from a top institution like Dr. K. N. Modi University, which is perfect for the same. There are a few benefits that you will come up with when you take up this course. Just read on and get an idea about the benefits.


Six Benefits of Getting Enrolled in a B.Voc Course

1. The most significant benefit of the B.Voc course is that it gives practical experience to the students. You can say that the course contains 40% theory and 60% practical. It makes the student an expert in this field.

2. It has exit options too. If you want to exit in a year, you can do so. If you do one year, you will get a diploma certificate. If you do two years, then it would be termed an advanced diploma. You can finish the full three-year certification for a complete degree.

3. You don't have to wait till graduation. B.Voc can opt after 12th grade. This type will give hands-on experience as you can start your internship in the second year. Thus, along with theory, one can get a better experience as there would be practical experience involvement too.

4. The government has developed this course to enhance the student's skills under the venture Skill India. Thus, after the course, the students with entrepreneurial skills will be able to open their enterprises under the supervision of the college.

5. Once you finish your B.Voc and want to study further, an M.Voc is also available, which will help you get a master's degree.

6. In this course, there will be better exposure to the industry that you choose. There will be industry visits and guest lectures too.

With all the above benefits, it has become one of the most popular courses in India. Whether interested in food technology or software development, you can resume this course. The options range from financial management to journalism. All you need to do is figure out your stream of interest.

If you are keen on taking up this B.Voc course, you can get in touch with past students or teachers. Even though this course is pretty new, it will help make the student an expert because the course material is supposed to be good enough. 


There are a few colleges that are providing this course. But what are the job prospects, and what would be your further development after taking up the course? Would it all depend upon the college you are getting into? What kind of startup support can you expect? This also depends upon the college you choose. To get all these answers, route your way to Rajasthan's top institution – Dr. K. N. Modi University it is best private university in rajasthan. We have the faculty and the right resources to impart the relevant knowledge. Contact us today to learn more about the course.

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