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Entomology is an excellent career choice for people who are interested in the world of insects, animals or the agricultural field. Entomologists are those who work in this field. The career is scaling upwards, with more and more students enrolling themselves in a top Entomology college in Rajasthan.

What does Entomology study?

Entomology is a discipline of science dedicated to the study of insects, vermin, scorpions, spiders, and other similar animals. It is categorized as a subfield of zoology, which is a part of biology.

Entomology is a vast discipline of study that is divided into many subfields. It includes Morphology, physiology, zoological genetics, taxonomy, behavior, ecology, insect feeding, as well as minor ventures into forensics and paleontology.

Can Entomologists specialize in a field?

In an Entomology college in Rajasthanentomologists can concentrate on a small order of insects or a particular family of insects. These may include the following:

Apiology: It is the science of bees, particularly honeybees.

Myrmecology: It is the scientific study of ants.

Trichopterology: It is the study of caddisflies.

Dipterology: The study of flies, such as houseflies, mosquitoes, and gnats.

Hemipterology:  The branch of science that studies bedbugs, squash bugs, and aphids.

Lepidopterology: The study of moths and butterflies.

Coleopterology: Beetle science.

Orthopterology: The study of grasshoppers, cockroaches, crickets, mantises, and other insects.

What are the career prospects for Entomologists?

Some of the entomology classifications vary depending on the above-mentioned area:

Public Health Entomologists

Medical entomology, sometimes known as public health entomology, is the study of insects and arthropods that impacts human health. Medical or Public Health Entomologists are involved in public global health and pest management such as houseflies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, lice, fleas, ticks, and several other pests that can be a health threat or an inconvenience.

Military Entomologists

They serve in several branches of the military. They monitor pest control operations and protect military troops from infections and parasites spread by insects.

Agricultural Entomologists

Agricultural entomologists are in charge of keeping insect pests away from valuable crops. Their primary responsibility is to come up with new strategies to combat hazardous insects and chemicals. Insect pests, pesticides, and pest management are all topics they raise awareness about.

Commercial Entomologists

The responsibility of commercial entomologists is controlling pests that impact shade trees, lawns, decorative plants, homes, warehouses, stores, hotels, and restaurants. They work for private companies rather than government entities.

Forensic Entomologists

The adaptation and research of bugs and other arthropod biology to criminal situations are known as forensic entomology. Forensic entomologists handle gruesome criminal investigations and are trained for this in an Entomology college in Rajasthan. They discuss graphic or unsettling elements of a criminal investigation with confidence. They are responsible for resolving legal investigations using their insect knowledge.

In every case, they should inspect the insects collected from a crime scene and extract any compounds that the insects may have consumed, such as blood and body tissue. Forensic entomologists collect and analyze specimens and data, as well as provide expert advice to the investigating party.

Other than these five areas, entomologists also work for Research, Forest, and Survey work.

The average salary of entomologists in India

The average income for an entry-level entomologist (with 1-3 years of experience) is ₹443,483. A senior-level entomologist (8+ years of experience), on the other hand, receives an average income of ₹7,58,557.

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