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LAW is not only a respected career option but even has flourishing scopes in India. Be it any variant, a criminal or a corporate, a lawyer has the stands in a society, which many professions fail to achieve. If you are looking forward to study in best private law university in Rajasthan, gathering more information about the subject, you are at the right place.

It is not difficult to pursue law in India. However, you must know the ways before proceeding. Since Law is an imperative part of our lives, and the opportunities will also be immense.

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Law After 12th Standard (5-year LLB Programme)

There are usually two avenues to pursue Law in India. The first one is to directly enroll in a law college after you finish the 12th standard. This programme is a five-year-long course and teaches you the basics and complexities of the legal proforma. The course is relatively newer and integrated with enough importance on each of the pillars. Despite it being new, the best universities in the country have adopted the model. Unlike the previous course, this model is focused on modern techniques and saves a year for the students. You can come from any stream and pursue it. The degree awarded is of a graduate, and after completion of the course, you can apply for postgraduate degrees as well at best Private Law University in Rajasthan. Wonder what integrated courses are? Mentioned below are some the examples:

  • B.A. LL.B.
  • LL.B.
  • B.Com. LL.B.
  • B.B.A. LL.B.      

Law After Graduation (3-Year LLB Programme)

This one is the oldest and traditional method to acquire a degree in law in India. The course is designed as such that graduates from any stream can apply for a three-year-long undergraduate degree in law. The problem with this course is that, unlike the integrated one, where you can acquire the degree in five years, it requires you to spend six years. After you have gained this basic degree, you may move forth and pursue higher degrees in law. And, the post-graduation courses in law include:

  • LL.M.-1 Year Program
  • LL.M.-2 Year Program
  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)

It is also important to understand how the aspirants will get admission to law colleges. For the integrated course, you have to clear the CLAT exam, a nationwide aptitude based competitive exam. Various branches are put to the test, be it your English, mathematics or even logical reasoning. As a lawyer, you must know these fields. Most of the top universities have accepted the CLAT exam as a legitimate form of student admission. However, there are some universities who to date conduct their admission exams.

Best Private Law University in Rajasthan for a Golden Career in the Industry

When it comes to the best private law university in Rajasthanthe name of Dr. K.N. Modi Institute is a pioneer. They have been known for imparting quality education among students. Not only that, the team of expert faculty along with access to world-class features is what makes the learning process a cakewalk. If you are looking for enrollment in a private university in Rajasthan, there is probably no match for this university. Not only the mentioned points, but the university has been able to shape a lot of brilliant minds who are today prolific lawyers settled in India and even abroad.

However, they must seek the proper guidance and get enrolled in the best universities so that they can make informed career choices. However, it is advised that students take up the integrated course if they decide on taking up law at an early stage.

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