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Master of Science in Physics is a 2-year postgraduate degree course that includes both practical and theoretical components of Physics. Students who have done can find various job options in different fields of the public and private sector.

Today, in this blog, we will learn about the eligibility and career options after M.Sc. In Physics. Let's start with the basics.

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What is M.Sc Physics?

M.Sc. Physics is a postgraduate course focused on studying all branches of Physics. A candidate must be a B.Sc. Graduate in Physics from a well-recognized university to become eligible for this course. It is a 2-year program.

A master of Science in Physics is a degree that can offer you various career options in an array of applications. This degree is focused on the fundamentals of Physics.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc in Physics

For Indian candidates, a B.Sc degree in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry with at least 55% marks is essential. They should also have a minimum of 24 credits in the selected specialization at the undergraduate level.

When it comes to international candidates, a minimum of 50% marks is needed to pass the examination. They also need to study the pre-requisite subjects of Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics to get admission to the required program.

M.Sc Physics Jobs

1. Research and Development

If you want to explore and innovate new things, this field is best.

Although it is easy to step into the research and development field as a trainee with an undergraduate degree, those who have an idea of the future know a master's degree will be beneficial. Senior research designations are booked for those who have a master's degree.

You can work as a Physicist in a Government Funded Laboratory, Faculty at Doctoral/Research Institutions, Manager at Research Institutions, and many more.

Furthermore, with M.Sc. Qualification, you can gain the title of Charters Physicist too.

2. Space and Astronomy

The space and astronomy field has limited roles, and even if you get an opportunity, the possibility of you getting involved directly in space travel is minor. So, it would be great if you chose planetariums and museums.

On the other hand, as an astronaut, you need to study the universe, collect data from global spacecraft, operate optical telescopes, radios, etc.

3. Healthcare

This industry might have surprised you, but M.Sc candidates have a broader scope in this sector.

The Healthcare industry is an attractive option for competent candidates who have good skills to work in such an important industry. And do you know what the best part about it is? The salary packages are worth looking at in this sector.

4. Energy

After completing your M.Sc. in Physics, you can enter the non-renewable or renewable energy industry. The area focuses mainly on renewable energy, including extracting fossil fuel, oil reserves, etc.

There could be the need to use the latest technologies to extract as much as possible in the right way in this sector. Because non-renewable is running out, companies are now focusing more on renewable alternatives.

Best M.Sc Physics College in Rajasthan

Remember ‘M.Sc. is not just about researching, but it is also about a personal journey and discovering the meaning of one's own life’.

Moreover, higher education always brings you multiple benefits, may it be regarding salary or designation. It's on you whether to take it or break it. If you decide to take it, you will need a reputed university to support you in this journey. Here, Dr. K.N Modi University can be your best choice. It is the best M.Sc physics college in Rajasthan, and its faculty focuses on the individual learning styles of each student. Also, we can help you land some good-paying jobs across top organizations. So, wait no more and get in touch with us today.

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