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Unlike popular belief, there is no dearth of career opportunities for students pursuing their higher study in botany including plants and plant-like organisms. Candidates can move forward with their careers as botanists post completing their masters. Every student will aim to learn about tiny bacteria to gigantic trees. Apart from Botanist, the terms utilize for scientists learning Botany are phycologists or plant scientists.

Students doing the course will gain core knowledge about the fundamentals of how plants assist in making lives long. Plus, botanists or biological scientist work for a clean environment for the easy survival of the generations. The candidates who want to pursue botany specifically from the best M.Sc. Botany college in Rajasthan should go through the entire piece to understand the course more perfectly. This post will make you go through the top 5 job roles after M.Sc. Botany in India.

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Career Opportunities after M.Sc. Botany

1. Molecular biologist

Molecular biologists do research and academic activities as well. The research sector includes the study of biological structures in well-made laboratories with new technology to assist them in discovering complicated molecular structures and their specific functions. The equipment in the laboratories includes lab centrifuges, microscopes, computers with software that helps them obtain data, and much more.

2. Plant Taxonomist

Discover, describe, categorize and name plant species. Plant taxonomists analyze new plant species earlier unknown to the field. Develop a new source of plant genes connected in fieldwork, including complicated physical activity.

3. Agricultural Consultant

The agricultural consultant delivers ideas to agricultural and farm companies to help them with technical, financial, and commercial matters. In addition, instruct the clients to use scientific cropping methods that enhance the yields.

Agricultural consultants are responsible for working and ensuring that the customer’s companies are running as effectively as they can. The agricultural consultant knows the businesses and legislative implications of the suggestion given. They will do deep research on the industry and recommend the crops that can be grown prominently in the preferred area to the clients.

4. Plant Ecologist

In this job profile, the requirement is to know the connection between plants and the world in which they live and to inspect the environmental aspects like population, rainfall, temperature, pollutants, and altitude that increase plant growth.

5. Horticulturist

A horticultural also understands the science behind multiple flowers, plants, and greenery. They research landscaping and gardening, crop production, genetic engineering, plant propagation, plant physiology, and plant biochemistry.

Many countries abroad provide platforms for M.Sc in Botany graduates to establish a promising career in the Botany industry. Multiple undertakings functioning internationally require the service of an M.Sc in Botany. They can work in various job profiles. Adequate remuneration is also provided for these graduates internationally. Some research firms are also present, which helps to concentrate on the research areas.

Botany graduates have many chances in both the private and public sectors. In the public sector, the chances occur in sectors like national park services, public health services, department of agriculture, departments of conservation, forest service, and land management. In private industry, the chances rely on food companies, fruit growers, the oil industry, seed companies, and biotechnology firms.

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