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Do you have an interest in advanced training? Or a legal practitioner wants to upgrade your skills in the legal industry? If yes, then you might want to do a master of laws.

Here is a brief overview of the course so that you can get aware of everything to make an informed decision.

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What is LLM?

The master of laws program is specifically best for those who want flexibility in the desired module and dissertation topic. In this program, you can select modules as per the criteria that you consider most important. Whether you want to make a strong base in the legal industry or just study for pure enjoyment, LLM from the best LLM college in Rajasthan can help you maximize control over your degree.

Eligibility Criteria for LLM

To get admission to an LLM degree, you need to get elected by the Indian Bar Council and University of Grants Commissions. Students need to complete their undergraduate degree with at least an aggregate of 50% from a well-recognized university. Besides, some universities have entrance exams in their admission process, for which candidates need to clear a good percentage. Anyone who is above 21 years can apply for this course.

Who should study an LLM?

A Master of law provides you the chance to learn more intense things about legal theory and to build skills in highly specialized aspects.

LLM is valuable if you are planning to:

  • Consider a career in Law – With the required qualification, a master of law can make give a boost to your career in the law field. Also, it can allow you to step into branches of legal practice for which general candidates may not be eligible.
  • Looking to specialize in legal practice – LLM allows you to learn various legal theories and practices or upgrade your skills to apply for senior roles. Master of laws can be done through two options, part-time and distance learning to suit working professionals.
  • Using legal expertise in another profession – an LLM degree can provide more specialized training in tax law and other fields.

In the legal industry, experience and good legal knowledge play a major role in handling various cases and clients to thrive in this career. A Master of law helps to build superiority in the legal industry. So, if you decide to do LLM, choose DKNMU. It is the most reputed and well-known university for 1year LLM course in Rajasthan that offers you affordable courses and the best learning experience. To know more, reach them now!

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