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India's economy is mostly agricultural, which consists of almost twenty percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product. The expanding population, total earnings, and export of grains underscore the requirement for new and sophisticated farming techniques. In case you want to work for the burgeoning farming business, a bachelor's degree in agriculture is a fantastic place to start. This guide discusses the breadth of a B.Sc. agricultural degree and the multiple job opportunities available in the commercial and public sectors after earning a B.Sc. agricultural degree.

Scope of Agriculture B.Sc. and Career Options

Agriculture and related businesses employ millions of people, making them essential to the country's economy. As a result, obtaining a B.Sc. in agriculture from the best agriculture college in Jaipur may open up many work opportunities. A B.Sc. in agriculture allows graduates to work in a range of government and commercial agencies, centers of research, and other enterprises involved in agriculture, rearing milch animals, farming flowers, and other agricultural professions.

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What Does BSC Agriculture Include?

Both public and private institutes and colleges offer a four-year undergraduate agricultural degree. To be admitted to the program, admission 2022 in Rajasthan requires a minimum of fifty percent aggregate marks in class 12 from a recognized school board having life science and physical science along with organic and inorganic chemistry as the main papers. Various courses are offered throughout the course of eight semesters to help students improve their academic understanding and practical talents. The curriculum has classroom lectures, laboratory work, field jobs, educational excursions, training for real-world events, and research tours. With this Certification, scholars will be prepared to perform several tasks in farming-related sectors.

The ICAR sets every agricultural program's curriculum criteria. Students are taught crop cultivation techniques, flower farming, the science of soil, plant maintenance, animal rearing, agricultural economy, and other areas. Pupils may pursue a Master's degree in agriculture after finishing their ug course, such as from the best agriculture college in Jaipur. Following graduation, those who want to pursue the field of education or a researcher might do a Ph.D. in farming.

Agriculture Government Employment for BSC Graduates

  • India's Forest Service

Like the IAS and IPS, the Forest Service of India is a well-respected nationwide service all over India. Students with an undergraduate degree in agro-based fields from the best agriculture college in Jaipur and other areas of the country are eligible to take the UPSC examination, which consists of the prelims and mains, to be considered for a variety of IFS posts. IFS offers a lucrative and well-known career path with salaries that have no competition determined by the pay commission called the 7th Central Pay Commission.

  • Staff Selection Commission (SSC)

The staff selection committee chooses eligible agricultural applicants for several state government roles. Candidates who pass the state forest exam may be assigned to a variety of posts in the state government, including an agricultural officer, scientific assistant, and others.

  • The Indian Agricultural Research Council

The Research Council of Agriculture in India is a federal agency run by the Government and supervised by the Agricultural Research Department under the Indian Authority (DARE). Anyone aiming for a job in the research and development of

agriculture should apply to the ICAR.


 Thus, there are several prospects in the subject of B.Sc. agriculture in India for today's youngsters to pursue. It can be a pretty lucrative career option to explore that is quite often left unexplored by the students. Food & grains are one of the key necessities of life, and working in a field that promotes sustainable development is a noble task. If you are looking forward to pursuing the course at a reputed college, Dr. K.N Modi University can be your best bet. From faculty to placement, everything is at par at the institute. So, get in touch with our counsellors and enroll for the course today!

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