About the Ph.D. Programme

Dr. K.N. Modi University is a highly esteemed private university known for its commitment to a multi-disciplinary approach and research excellence. The University offers doctoral research programs across various fields, including Architecture, Design, Engineering, Management, Computer Sciences, Physical & Life Sciences, Applied Sciences, Languages, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences. With a strong emphasis on scholarly inquiry and knowledge advancement, the University provides a research-intensive environment for students enrolled in doctoral programs. The University's focus on interdisciplinary research reflects its dedication to producing well-rounded researchers capable of contributing across multiple domains.

Both the Part-time and Full-time Ph.D. programs have a duration of three years. The maximum duration (from the date of registration) of the Ph.D. programme will not exceed six years. Thereafter, the registration stands cancelled automatically unless, for valid reasons, the Vice-Chancellor grants an extension of usually not more than six months.

The University, in the background of its philosophy, “Education for the Development of The society”, has embarked on a missionary zeal to realise its goals and objectives, since its inception during the academic year 2010 – 11.

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