Objectives of the club 

    1. To develop interest in the field of robotics among the student community

   2. To encourage students to get practical exposure by utilizing earlier studied subjects of fundamental and applied sciences, technology & other related professional specialized courses.

   3. To provide opportunity to participate at Intra University & Inter universities/institutions level competitions.

   In order to succeed, students will also develop the following qualities:-

   1. Team work as well in individual capacity to complete the given task.

   2. Time management in completion of series of projects.

   3. Competitive skill by facing competitions 

Club formation process 

   1. All students [irrespective of grade & experience in robotics] of graduation and diploma courses are welcomed to join the club.

   2. Interested students to be enrolled by filling the membership form

   3. Membership is at least for one year.

   4. Teams may be in any numbers

   5. team may have maximum six members & members of allied courses are permitted.

   6. Every team will elect/nominate one team leader & one secretary to carry out particular responsibility regarding club activities

   7. Mentors (those are graduated from DKNMU) are also welcomed to help students in completing their projects & for competitions.

Club Structure  

   Faculty from Mechanical Engg. Deptt.

   Advisor : Prof. [Dr.] Vineet Gupta [Mob.- 7015464602, vineet.me@dknmu.org]; to look after club meetings, overall supervision & other club activities.
   Supervisors : Prof. Radheshyam Rathore [Mob.- 9179715311, rathoreradhe@gmail.com]
                         Prof. Akhilesh Kumar [Mob.- 8674969383, akhilesh.me@dknmu.org]

   Members from student fraternity

   President : Rahul Dev Meena (B.Tech CSE - FINAL YEAR) (Mob : 8769159980)
                     Pranaverndra Singh Rathore (B.TECH ME - FINAL YEAR) (Mob : 7742724177)

   Vice President : Gaurav Mishra (B.Tech CSE - FINAL YEAR) (Mob : 8802424254)
                             Nadeem Akhtar (B.Tech ME - FINAL YEAR) (Mob : 7408207084)

   Head Secretary : Shubham Gauttam (B.Tech ME - PRE FINAL YEAR) (Mob : 9950523454)
                               Arpit Rajawat (B.Tech ME - PRE FINAL YEAR) (Mob : 8005926959)
                               Ayush Srivastava (DIP ME - FINAL YEAR) (Mob : 9852882191)
                               Manjesh Kumar Rajak (DIP ME - FINAL YEAR) (Mob : 7230850935)

Activities Of The Club  

   1. Club will host workshops to develop required ability.

   2. Teams to be formed

   3. Team leaders & secretaries for each team to be elected/nominated.

   4. Intense training

   5. Selection of type of robot & its functional area

   6. Arrangement of technical knowhow, manufacturing parts & tools

   7. Execution of the robotic process

   8. Intermittent trails

   9. Working demonstration

   10. Intra university competition

   11. Inter university/ institute competition

Meetings Venue & Workshop  

   Meetings & assembly work will be held in Mechanical Engineering workshop in the last hour of working day/ 2nd half of Saturdays/ according to suitability of time, whenever required.